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Article: Holiday Cheer from the Big Screen to Mariemont

Holiday Cheer from the Big Screen to Mariemont

Turn on just about any television station this time of year and you’re bound to find a holiday movie or two (or hundred if you’re watching the Hallmark channel). The movies make us laugh, some make us cry, and all are supposed to demonstrate how the holiday season should be spent. But the truth of the matter is that usually, the holiday season looks less like White Christmas and more like Christmas Vacation. While we often picture a beautiful, snow-filled sing-a-long, what we typically end up with is a one-year subscription to the jelly of the month club. It’s so easy to feel like Cindy Lou Who, overwhelmed with the expectations and traditions of the season.

Okay, so these movies aren’t an accurate portrayal how the holidays will end up, but there are many things to be learned from our beloved holiday movie characters.

There’s Buddy the Elf who, despite obvious criticism from those around him, never wavered in his passion for spreading holiday cheer. And A Christmas Story’s Ralphie who always believed in the wonder of the season. Charlie Brown and the gang remind us year after year what the season is all about and help us celebrate even the smallest of holiday miracles.

While lighthearted in presentation, the holiday movie classics serve to remind us to be thankful and generous during this season of hustle and bustle.

This holiday season I am especially thankful for the Mariemont City School District. For the community that supports the work we do, celebrates our students and embraces the mission of this district. I am thankful for our staff, who tirelessly works smart, creates experience and embraces growth in our schools. I am thankful for our families who partner with us to grow and nurture our students. And I am forever thankful for our students, who come to school each day with an eagerness and a desire to learn.

So my hope for you this holiday season is this: may you have the enthusiasm of Buddy the Elf, the wonder of Ralphie Parker and the thankful spirit of Charlie Brown. May you remember the true meaning of the season, with some laughs and 25,000 imported Italian twinkle lights along the way.

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