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Article: Eighth Grade Girl Scouts Making a Difference

Eighth Grade Girl Scouts Making a Difference

positive poster in window

Local Girls Scout Cadette Troop 40829 has been staying busy during the extended school building closure by completing projects to help those in need.

After a previously planned project to earn the Girls Scout Silver Award had to be put on hold due to the COVID-19 health crisis, the troop held a virtual meeting to create a new project. And with so many good ideas developed, the group decided to simply complete them all.

Projects performed by the troop include:
  • Starting a Pen Pal program for preschoolers (younger student matched up with a junior high and high school students)
  • Starting a Positivity Posters hashtag on Instagram encouraging people to make a Positive Poster, hang it in their window and post their picture on Instagram
  • Chalking positive messages around Mariemont's sidewalks to spread hope and positivity
  • Working with Mayor Brown to start a program to deliver Trash Stickers to the elderly and immunocompromised in Mariemont who cannot go to stores and buy the stickers themselves
  • Sewing buttons on headbands and ribbons to distribute to health care workers in our community to save their ears from wearing their masks all day (so far the troop has sewn buttons and distributed more than 100 headbands and ribbons)
  • Collecting materials and making care packages for traveling nurses (bags included snacks, water, Vitamin C packets, gloves, masks and breath mints, items specifically requested from local nurses)

Troop 40829 is comprised of eighth grade students including Emma Aiello, Madelyn Bailey, Jillian Chen, Ellie Haynes, Rosie Kipperman, Hilary Laird, Brynna O'Brien, Erin O'Donnell, Lily Phillips, Leah Wilson and Olivia Zaveri.

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