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Article: Sharing my Appreciation

Sharing my Appreciation

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This week, May 4-8, is Teacher Appreciation Week across the country and in Mariemont City Schools. Normally, this week would be full of teacher luncheons and celebrations for our staff, but just like everything else in our world right now, this week looks nothing like the usual.

But I don’t want distance to keep us from showing our appreciation for the wonderful teachers and staff in our schools. In fact, there has arguably never been a better year to thank them for what they do everyday for our students.

Back in March when the extended school building closure was announced, seemingly overnight, we asked our teachers and staff to completely reinvent the way they do their business. And did they ever step up to this challenge in Mariemont City Schools!

The Remote Learning Program has been a growing experience for everyone in the district, and throughout the nation, but I cannot express how proud I am of our teachers, aides, counselors, administrators, support staff and everyone in the Mariemont City School District.

Over the past two months I have seen virtual scavenger hunts, read-a-louds, club meetings, virtual class gatherings and outstanding instruction continuing in ways that look very different than what we’ve ever seen before.   But what I am most proud of is the personal connection that hasn’t skipped a beat. Even from their own homes, our teachers and staff are going the extra mile to find ways to keep that personal connection with their students and this is a true hallmark of the Mariemont Experience.

We’ve probably all seen the jokes floating around on the internet from parents who are now seeing firsthand the work and dedication that our teachers show each and every day. My personal favorite is from a parent who said “teachers are wrong, my children are not a pleasure to have in class.” But joking aside, if this Coronavirus pandemic has given us anything, it might be that many in our society now have more appreciation and respect for the work teachers and staff do in classrooms all over this country everyday.

Last week we were able to surprise our teachers with yard signs to tell them how much they are “rocking” remote learning. If you see one of these signs, give a wave or a honk as you drive by to show your gratitude. And I hope you all will join me in thanking our teachers and staff in your own way. Because now more than ever we appreciate the work they are doing for our community’s children.

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week to all of our staff at Mariemont City Schools! I am honored to be a part of your work and admire what you do!

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