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Article: March 10 Update

March 10 Update

We are in the middle of a constantly-evolving situation regarding COVID-19. At this time, we have no plans to close school or disrupt any normal activities, however we need to be prepared as this decision could come with little advanced notice.

In the event that Mariemont City Schools closes because of the Coronavirus, the first five days of closure will be treated like any other calamity day (snow days), and no school work will be provided. If school is closed beyond five days, the district will implement its home learning program.

The Mariemont City Schools Coronavirus Updates webpage includes a link to the Home Learning Program. This will serve as the hub for all students to access the home learning program during a school closure. Specific grade level links will be added to this page for students to access work if the home learning program is implemented.

At this time we encourage parents and guardians to begin thinking about childcare alternatives if the need for a closure arises.

Please continue to check the Mariemont City School District Coronavirus Updates page as the situation continues to evolve and change.

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