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Article: March 19 Update (4:50 p.m.)

March 19 Update (4:50 p.m.)

Mariemont City Schools Families,

Last Friday, March 13, we communicated with Mariemont Elementary families and posted on the Coronavirus Updates webpage that a staff member at Mariemont Elementary began developing flu-like symptoms and had been tested for Coronavirus out of an abundance of caution. You can read that statement here. Fortunately, the staff member was feeling much better within 24 hours, and according to a recent call with the doctor was presenting asymptomatic. 

Understandably, we have received many questions asking for an update about this situation. As of today, we are still waiting on the test results and expect to get them in the next couple of days if not sooner. Everything we are hearing from the local and national health officials is to approach the testing process with patience. Therefore, we will continue to wait for the test results to come back and will communicate with you as promised as soon as we are able.

I know there are a lot of uncertainties ahead of us, specifically as it relates to the scheduled student travel trips, both internationally and domestically. This includes our 8th grade trip to Washington, D.C. as well as the Student Leadership Summit to Germany and Switzerland, the Service Projects Abroad trip to the Galapagos Islands and the travel trip to Greece and Italy. We are in constant contact with our travel partners, EF Educational Tours, and are working with them and advocating for our families to find the best course of action.

While it appears unlikely that any of these trips will continue as planned, EF Tours has made it clear that there is no financial benefit to canceling right now. We are giving EF Tours time to attend to immediate matters and will work with them on our travel trips in the coming weeks. EF Tours will be sending communication to all travel families later this week, but know that as a district, we are working to find the best option for you.

As always, we will communicate our plans with travel families when there is more information. For the time being, please reach out to Warriors BEyond Coordinator Brian Sugerman ([email protected]) if you have any other questions or concerns regarding your child(ren)’s trip.

Throughout challenging times such as these, the most important thing we can do is listen to the guidance of health and government officials. The Mariemont City School District is tuned in to the communication coming from the governor’s office each day and receives regular updates from the Hamilton County Public Health Department andthe Ohio Department of Health. At this time, all of us are being asked to avoid social gatherings in groups of more than 10 people.

We know that young people, like the students in our district, can serve as carriers of the virus, and we are beginning to learn more of the potential for a bigger impact the virus may have on their health. We are encouraging our families and students to practice social distancing by limiting your gatherings and staying home whenever possible. And please talk with your children about the importance of this – in particular our older students who tend to be more mobile. The only way to defeat this virus is to contain its spread, and that can only be done by limiting our contact with each other.

As always, we ask that you routinely visit the Coronavirus Updates webpage of the district website. This is the best place to find the latest updates on the Coronavirus situation as it relates to the Mariemont City School District. You also can find a frequently asked questions document which is updated daily as well as helpful links including:

Should you have any questions, you can email them to [email protected] or submit them through the Coronavirus Updates webpage.

Thank you again for your patience as we work through this situation. I will be communicating with you again tomorrow as we prepare for spring break and the start of the Remote Learning Program on March 30.

Stay safe and healthy.


Steven Estepp
Mariemont City Schools Superintendent 

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