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Teacher & Staff Raffle

Teacher & Staff Raffle

Parents and Kids
One of the most popular and exciting fund raising events, the Teacher & Staff Raffle, is about to begin! This year, as in the past, our creative teachers and staff are offering a wonderful assortment of fun activities, events and prizes for you!

How does the Raffle Work?
The descriptions of the raffle items are listed here: Teacher Staff Raffle. Each ticket or “chance” costs $1.00.

A sheet of raffle tickets is attached to the form sent home or you can download them from here. Copy them for more tickets or just use the ones provided—the sky is the limit! Simply fill out the tickets you wish to buy. Please print clearly and fill out completely (First and Last Name and Item Number). Cut your tickets apart and return them to school between April 1 and April 12. Please make checks payable to “ME PTO.”

Winners will be drawn and announced during the morning announcements every morning the week of April 15.

Parents: Please be sure tickets are filled out completely (including first and last name and the appropriate item number) and cut apart.

Can I win more than once? YES! Several winners did last year!

What if I have questions? Contact one of the chairpersons below.

Please be generous in your support of this year’s Teacher & Staff Raffle. Every dollar benefits our school and our children. Thank you!

Committee Chair
Jackie O'Brien
Teacher Raffle Co-Chair

Lynn Barclay
Committee Chair
[email protected]