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Postseason Interscholastic Activities Remote Learning Option

As some of our school-sponsored extra-curricular activities enter postseason competition, Mariemont City Schools will offer a temporary and optional program for students in postseason interscholastic activities called the Postseason Interscholastic Activities Remote Learning Option.
The purpose of this option is to support students participating in post-season interscholastic activities who want to reduce the risk of a required quarantine and exclusion from participation. This option will only be available while the district is in the Tier 1 (all in, 5 days a week) instructional model. This option should not be confused with the district’s Online Warriors program. Instead, with the Postseason Interscholastic Activities Remote Learning Option, students will just participate remotely through ZOOM until their postseason ends.
We recognize that mandatory quarantine guidelines may feel arbitrary to students who can be quarantined for up to two weeks because of where they are seated in a classroom setting. We also recognize the significance of postseason interscholastic activities in a young person's life. And finally, we understand that allowing for a proactive, temporary remote learning option is a support to students who want to attend school in-person, but who do not want to risk missing out on what they have been working to accomplish.
Below is important information about the Postseason Interscholastic Activities Remote Learning Option:
  • The remote learning option is optional, not mandatory, for students participating in interscholastic postseason activities. The choice to pursue this option should be made by individual students and their families participating in an activity eligible for this option.
  • The remote learning option is temporary and students are required to return to in-person instruction as soon as postseason activities conclude.
  • School day requirements such as on-time attendance, classroom participation, work completion and all other school/district conduct policies are mandatory and failure to adhere could result in removal from the program.
  • Students may be required to take assessments/tests in person at the school per the discretion of classroom teachers.
If the Ohio Department of Health lessens its requirements for mandatory quarantines (e.g., reducing the number of feet that lead to a mandatory quarantine) or the school district shifts to its Tier 2 hybrid model, this remote learning option will no longer be offered.
While this remote option is only available for students currently in fall postseason interscholastic athletic competition at this time, the district will continue to work with coaches and club advisors throughout the school year as postseason opportunities develop.
For more information about the Postseason Interscholastic Activities Remote Learning Option, please contact Director of Teaching and Learning, Shannon Kromer, at [email protected].
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