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Phase-In Days

As part of the Academic Recovery Plan to re-open schools for the 2020-21 school year, Mariemont City Schools will use the first three days of school (August 26, 27 and 28) as Phase-In days for all students in kindergarten through 12th grade. Students will be assigned one of the three days to report to their school building, allowing for smaller numbers in each building. Phase-in days will run for the duration of a regular school day and will follow normal arrival and dismissal times. Transportation will be provided at the normal time for students who regularly utilize this service.

The phase-in days will be beneficial for all students and will present an opportunity to:
  • Connect and form relationships with peers and teacher(s)
  • Familiarize themselves with the building and class schedule
  • Learn the new wellness and safety procedures
  • Assess student skills and academic recovery needs
  • Conduct junior high and freshman orientation sessions

Phase-In days will be assigned alphabetically via last name (households that have children with different last names will be assigned to the same day.) The phase-in day schedule is as follows:

  • Last names A-H will attend school for a full day on Wednesday, August 26
  • Last Names I-Q will attend school for a full day on Thursday, August 27
  • Last Names R-Z will attend school for a full day on Friday, August 28

All students will begin participating in school on Monday, Aug. 31.

Phase-In Days Safety Procedures and Protocols

Students will use designated entrances to enter the school building (the entrance designation will be communicated prior to the start of the Phase-In days.) Upon arrival we ask that all students follow the markings on the floor to practice 6’ of social distancing. Prior to students entering buildings we will be conducting temperature checks. If a student has a fever we will notify the parent/guardian immediately. After having their temperature taken each student will use the available hand sanitizer.  

Staff are also expected to have their temperature taken upon entering the school building.

We ask that all staff and students arrive with cloth facial coverings unless previous arrangements have been made in accordance to our policy. The facial covering should remain on at all times unless otherwise directed by a staff member.

Once in the building we ask that students continue to use the markings on the floor to remain at a safe distance from other individuals.  

Phase-In Days Questions/Concerns

Should you have further questions about phase-in days, please reach out to your building’s main office:
Mariemont Elementary – 272-7400
Terrace Park Elementary – 272-7700
Mariemont Junior High School - 272-7300
Mariemont High School - 272-7600