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Naviance is a comprehensive web-based program that provides up-to-date college and career planning information that is specific to our school. The program provides a resource that connects academic achievement to college and career readiness goals.

The program has specific benefits to multiple groups within the Mariemont City School District community:

Parents and Students – Naviance connects individual student achievement with post-secondary goals. College and career planning tools allow students and parents to identify which colleges or careers would best fit their interests based on interest inventories and actual test scores. With Naviance, students are able to:
  • Build a resume
  • Research colleges by comparing GPA and standardized test scores, and other statistics to actual historical data from our school
  • Research careers and career clusters and take career assessments
  • Learn about themselves by taking a personality inventory
  • Manage college application process timelines

School Counselors – The program provides a tool to engage the school community with easy-to-use surveys.  Naviance also helps our school counselors as they engage students in post-secondary planning sessions. School counselors also send transcripts and letters of recommendation electronically, using Naviance.

School Administrators – Naviance provides a way to track the status of college applications as well as the success of school graduates. It also provides data analysis tools to track the academic success of the students.

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