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MHS Facility Project Committees

MHS Facility Project Committees

The Mariemont City School District has assembled 10 committees to provide input on the Mariemont High School Facility Project. The committees are made up of administrators, staff, parents, community members and students. The district is committed to a building that marries the needs of Mariemont High School with the desires of the people who will use its services. Including many voices and opinions in the planning phase of the project is an important part of this lengthy process. See below for a list of the committees, the work each is focusing on, pictures of the planning meetings and testimonials from members of each group.

Superintendent's Facility Committee

The Superintendent's Facility Committee is a core group district representatives and construction team members that meets on a regular basis for project updates. The group closely monitors the timeline, budget and key project benchmarks.
"This meeting is a time to gather all the 'moving parts' and key players in the high school construction project around the table for updates and insights. The work of this group assists the Board of Education in making well-thought-out decisions as well as keep a very close eye on the project budget and construction timeline. I am glad to be a part of the team and appreciate the dedicated effort and expertise everyone is bringing to the table to build a fantastic school for our students and community."

-Nan Dill, Board of Education member, Parent and Community Member 

Transition Task Force

The Transition Task Force is made up of administrators, Board of Education members, Mariemont High School staff members, parents and students from both Mariemont High School and Mariemont Junior High School. The purpose of the group is to think through the transition period for students and staff during the two-year construction timeline, including the student experience, athletic events and practices, modular classrooms, club meetings, traditions and events.
"The transition task force is a diverse group of parents, students in grades 8-11, teachers, staff, administrators, and building experts focused solely on next school year. While construction takes place in the background and other groups focus on the long-term planning, we drill down on the details of the 2019-2020 school year to make sure it is a fantastic experience for all MHS students, especially the senior class. We are focused on the logistics of the school day, the student experience, maintaining traditions, and using this exciting time to start new traditions!"

-Molly Connaughton, Mariemont Junior High School Principal 

Community Project Team

The Community Project Team is made up of Board of Education members, parents, administrators, staff members, Turner Construction, MSA Architects, JS Held Owners Reps and community members. The team reviews the design and programming plans for the Mariemont High School project. The team offers recommendations, feedback and suggestions to the architects, construction management and school district about the project and process.
"It's exciting to be a part of this team because our discussions cover a variety of project topics and we get to see first-hand how the master facility goals and objectives are becoming a reality for our students, faculty and our community!"

-Kim Seichter, Parent and Community Member 

Academics Focus Team

The Academics Focus Team is made up of district administrators, high school administrators and teachers representing all academic departments. The team is discussing the learning spaces both during the transition year and in the new high school academic wing.
"Being part of the academic focus team gives me an opportunity to make a lasting impact for my students and to ensure their needs are met through our facility."

-Marissa Szabo, Mariemont High School Staff

Administrative/Student Services Focus Team

The Administrative/Student Services Focus Team is made up of district administrators, high school administrators, administrative assistants and guidance counselors. The team is focusing on the student services spaces such as the front office, guidance offices, College and Career Planning Center and life skills labs.
"The purpose of our committee is to identify specific space and location needs in the final design of the new building and to review transition plans for next school year. I enjoy this committee work because it gives us the opportunity to envision how the new space will be used and allows us to discuss and share our thoughts and ideas directly with the architects. I feel like it’s important to provide valuable input so that we get it right for future generations of students, staff, parents and the many community members that will be using the building."

-Dee Walter, Mariemont High School Staff 

Arts Focus Team

The Arts Focus Team is made up of district administrators, high school administrators, music teachers, art teachers and community members. The team is focusing on the looking at options for the arts spaces, including the auditorium, practice rooms, art display areas, scene shop and dressing rooms.
"It has been proven that students who are involved in fine and performing arts education gain personal growth and invaluable skills that are integral to success in the real world. I am grateful to be a part of this passionate and dedicated group of teachers, parents and community members who will ensure that our arts programs will continue to flourish and that our teachers and students will be well-equipped with the necessary tools, technology and spaces to create bright futures both inside and outside of the arts."

-Suzy Weinland, Parent and Community Member 

Athletics Focus Team

The Athletics Focus Team is made up of district administrators, high school administrators and coaches. The main goal of the athletics team is to talk through the athletics spaces and any possible upgrades that need to be made for the gymnasiums, pool, locker rooms, training rooms or weight room areas.
"While the majority of the construction efforts are centered on the academic and student experience perspective, we are using this opportunity to re-examine some of the athletic elements within our existing structure that will remain and how to best address their needs. We are trying to look forward to best maximize the current spaces that we have and anticipate for the future."

-Erik Vanags, Boys Soccer Head Coach

Operations/Maintenance Focus Team

The Operations/Maintenance Focus Team is made up of district administrators, high school administrators, maintenance staff and custodians. The team is focused on all aspects of maintenance and building operations from parking lots and waste management to electrical systems and roofing.
"Our committee is focused on the new building in terms of what we need to keep it maintained and running as efficiently as possible in the future. Things like proper storage areas, plumbing and lighting fixtures, HVAC mechanical equipment etc. are some of things being discussed. We’re also planning out the next year or so in terms of what parts of the building we need to keep functioning during phases 1 and 2, and planning on how to use the campus for things like graduation during construction."

-Dustin Treftz, Mariemont City Schools Staff

Safety/Security Focus Team

The Safety/Security Focus Team is made up of Board of Education members, district administrators, high school administrators, Hamilton County ESC safety representatives, Mariemont police and local school safety experts. The team is exploring safety and security measures at Mariemont High school for both the transition period and the building itself.
“I find working with the Safety and Security Focus Team with Mariemont City Schools to be worthwhile. The team is a multi-disciplinary group with a wide variety of professional backgrounds that creates a forum to discuss overall school safety from different perspectives. The team illustrates that safety is a priority at Mariemont City Schools.”

-Shawn Riley, Hamilton County ESC Administrator of School Safety

SAC (Salvage, Auction, Commemorate) Committee

The SAC Committee is made up of district administrators, high school administrators, staff, students and community members The purpose of the committee is to identify items in the high school building to savage, possibly auction off or commemorated in the new building after construction has ended.
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