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Face Protection Exemption

As we prepare to reopen our schools with the RESTART Plan for the 2020 - 2021 school year, the district will incorporate multiple layers of health protection for our students and staff. These recommendations and guidelines are drawn from current scientific knowledge of COVID19 and its spread. One precaution we will take is to wear face protection. 

RESTART expectations for face protection measures:
  • All teachers and staff will wear cloth face masks (or face shields if 6 feet of social distancing can be maintained and when a cloth facial covering will hinder the learning process); 
  • All students will wear masks in school buildings and on busses with scheduled mask breaks per district protocols and teacher direction

We understand wearing face protection may not be medically possible for some of our students. In order to have your student exempted from this requirement, please have your student’s physician fill out the form below and return it to Director of Student Services, Tricia Buchert, at [email protected] by August 19, 2020.

Along with the Face Protection Exemption, we will also need the Authorization to Disclose Health Information signed by the parent or guardian. 

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