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Destination Imagination (DI)

Destination Imagination (DI) Destination Imagination is a creative, problem-solving, kid-driven program. Teams of students collaborate, think outside the box (or sometimes they think inside the box - but it’s probably a box that they made), and come up with wildly imaginative ideas to compete in a unique, fun, and entertaining competition. DI is run completely by volunteers and it is an experience like none other! DI has been a part of Mariemont for many years and teams come back excitedly each year.

If this sounds like something in which you and your child would like to be involved, please come to the DI Parent Information Night.

Registration Form

Informational Meeting

When: September 7 at 7pm
Where: Mariemont Elementary School Library
Why: Find out about Destination Imagination (DI)
Attendance at this meeting is required if you are new to DI*. The meeting is just for parents, but children are welcome if necessary.

This fun, team oriented, problem-solving program is run entirely by volunteers and is totally dependent on parental volunteers as Team Managers. Check out the national DI website for more information. Questions? Contact Amanda Conners at 859-750-8618 or Terri Hurt at 724-719-5482.

*Note: If you have a child who participated on a DI team during the 2016/2017 school year, you do not need to attend this meeting, even if you have another child interested in DI. Your child’s Team Manager will email the registration form directly to you. Print as many as needed. This meeting is only for parents who are unfamiliar with DI.

Committee Chair

Amanda Conners
Destination Imagination Co-Chair

Teri Hurt
6th Grade Play