Varsity Coach Receives Peer-Selected Award for Contributions

January 8, 2013

Jeff Timmers, varsity cross country and track coach for Mariemont City Schools and physical education instructor at Mariemont Elementary, was nominated by the track and cross country coaches of District 14 to receive the Distinguished Service Award. This award is presented annually to recognize outstanding contributions to Ohio track and/or cross country by individuals in a non-coaching capacity.

“Jeff Timmers works hard to promote his sport and his athletes across the city and the state,” said Tom Nerl, athletic director of Mariemont City Schools. “It is quite an honor for him to be recognized by his peers for the great work he does.”

Jeff Timmers, along with the coaches at Finneytown Local Schools and Wyoming City Schools, started a Cincinnati Hills League (CHL) cross-country training camp, where over 75 student athletes from the league train together, which is highly unusual. This year the training camp will be held at Mariemont City Schools in July.

“It’s an honor that my peers are recognizing me in this capacity, especially when I feel like I am just doing my job,” said Jeff Timmers. “The support I receive from the community, the parents and the school is incredible and enables to me to do what I do. I am proud and pleased to have a job that allows me to live my passion.”

This award will be presented at the OAT & CCC Hall of Fame Banquet on Friday, January 25, at 6:30 p.m. at the Hilton Columbus at Easton.