Elementary Students Recognized for Building Positive Peer Relationships

May 30, 2017

Congratulations to all of the students who were recognized for Mariemont Elementary's Warrior Recognition for the month of May.

One to two students per class were nominated either by the teacher or by peers as a student who stood out as someone going above and beyond in carrying out the 4th quarter kindness theme: "Positive Peer Relationships."

Congratulations to our 23 May Mariemont Elementary Olympians and Warriors and all of the students who went above and beyond this school year.

Preston Badenhop
Josh Baker
Ainsley Cutcher
Lucas Feie
Vince Fiorina
Zach Gray
Olivia Hart
Jonathan Hester
Lilli Hoel
Jackson Irwin
Hayden Irwin
Bella Mason
Maria Mavridoglou
Peter McCarthy
Emily Miller
Matthew Murdock
Avery Roschek
Kaiyah Schlafman
Garrett White
Lily Wickemeyer
Erin Wilder
Carolyn Wolujewicz
Emily Wright