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The Buzz: May 26, 2017

We are just a few days from wrapping up another successful school year here at Mariemont City Schools. As always, I am grateful for your hard work and dedication to our students and to each other. Every year I’m amazed by the wonderful things our students accomplish with your support, and this school year is no exception. Please take some time to read the important information below. Also, take some time to enjoy a relaxing and rejuvinating summer break!


Buzzworthy Shout Outs

In each edition, staff who exemplify the district values of tradition, community and innovation are featured and recognized. What they're doing is inspiring, and hopefully everyone feels the same way! If any of these staff members inspire you, reach out to them, congratulate them and reflect on what you can do to stand out from the crowd.  

Tradition LogoAt Mariemont City Schools, we have a tradition of offering courses that fit our students' needs and align with the future. This year we offered a new elective class at Mariemont Junior High called "Genius Hour." Designed and taught by Amber Hawk, students in this class selected an area of interest they wanted to learn more about, researched and connected with experts, and built a final product. Her class is constantly a flurry of activity - with student projects that included building a portable cell phone charger out of an Altoids tin, creating baskets for the patients of Cincinnati Children's Hospital, how to become a better French chef (tastings included!), creating songs in Garage Band, creating a mini-fridge out of spare parts, and many, many more. Amber said, "the choice made all the difference. They didn't come to me for the knowledge, just to help them gather the supplies they needed. They did it all! And Amazon Prime delivery helped too." Thank you, Amber, for enhancing student learning through diverse curricular options and enriching experiences that drive deeper understanding and skill development and support global competency

Community logoThe Girls on the Run program at both Terrace Park Elementary and Mariemont Elementary brings a great sense of community to both our students in grades 4-6 and our staff. The students meet several times a week for 10 weeks and the program ends with a huge culminating 5K run downtown. Teacher-coaches help deliver the lessons each week focusing on on topics such as building self-confidence/-esteem, teamwork, bullying prevention, positive body image, kindness and community service. In addition to the lessons and the race, each team develops and executes a community service project. Our teacher-coaches (Julie Parker, Melissa Mathis, Heather Alexander, Lauren Rudinsky, Holly McCormack, Laura Westaway, Courtney Miller, Ann Bullar, Beth Rich, Tricia Woitha, Angie Heaton and Jill Colaw) are key in delivering and reinforcing lessons and being a role model to the girls. They also train alongside the students and sometimes serve as running partners for one or more of the girls. It is a huge volunteer time commitment for the teachers, but so important and worthwhile. We are grateful for these staff members, who enhance student learning through instruction and programming that is responsive to assessment results, designed to meet the individual needs of students, and cultivates drive and resiliency. 


Innovation LogoRock Band started off as a group of students interested in learning instruments and playing together as a band. But Mark Becknell  was able to keep that interest high and the students fully engaged as they met two days a week during lunch for NO credit to pursue something they were passionate about. He helped them learn songs quickly and provided guidance on how they should spend their free time practicing for the best result. He has helped them put together sets to play at basketball games, benefit concerts and other venues. He also coached band members to learn to play different instruments on different songs. He has been a fantastic mentor and motivator, and he embodies our district objective that student learning will be maximized through the implementation of 21st century instructional practices that that stimulate student interests and foster inspiration and passion.

View the complete 2016-17 District Action Plan here. Congratulations to these staff members for being excellent role models for our students, our community and each other! 

News & Notes    

  • Mariemont Summer Academy: The Mariemont Summer Academy series, It’s About ME, is in its final draft stage. We have over 55 staff instructors and 65 sessions planned for August 15th and 16th! Look for the brochure to show up in your email inbox before the end of the school year. We would like for all staff to sign up for sessions through mAcademy by FRIDAY, JUNE 9 so we have an idea of attendance for each session. Remember, you receive a stipend of $125 for attending FIVE sessions. You can earn TWO stipends of $125...the second can either be for FIVE more sessions or for a collaboration day during the summer. If you choose to do a collaboration day, the form must be submitted to and approved by your building principal before the end of the school year!
  • Synergy Projects Update:  Synergy project ecommendation sheets as well as timesheets were submitted and reviewed by the administrative team earlier this month. All in all, 19 projects were completed and they will be presented to the Mariemont Board of Education at the June board meeting. For those of you who participated in a Synergy project, payment will be included in your second June paycheck. We are going to hold off on next year's Synergy until the next school year begins so relax and enjoy the summer!
  • MHS Facilities Project UpdateEarlier this month, we announced the next steps in this facility process - the formation of several facilities teams. These groups of residents and staff will work together in small teams to review various aspects of the design ideas as well as the feedback we’ve received during the design workshops to work through and discuss the details of potential solutions and options. Click here if you would like to apply. We are accepting applications through June, then we will create the teams in spring/summer 2017 and will contact all applicants in late summer to get this important work underway in fall 2017.