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January 12, 2018

The Mariemont School District Board of Education (“the Owner”) is requesting proposals for professional design services for a renovation project at Mariemont High School. There is not a current estimate available for the Project, however, it is anticipated that it will include the following proposed component:

Provide professional design services and related services for the renovation of Mariemont High School. The Project will include renovating ingress and egress to grounds, as well as renovations and additions to classrooms, office space, indoor athletic facilities, auditorium, common areas and other components. The Owner is considering a Construction Manager-at-Risk delivery method for the Project.

The Board of Education is interested in working with a firm that has extensive experience in the design and construction of public school buildings.  As part of this process, the Board of Education is seeking assistance in the re-design/renovation of the High School and developing its conceptual plan for the redesign/renovation of the Project.  

If you are interested in being considered as an architect for this Project, please submit a statement of qualification to Lance Hollander, by 12:00 p.m. on February 16, 2018. Please provide five copies of your statement in a sealed envelope marked “Statement of Qualifications.”

The proposals should be addressed to:

Lance Hollander
Director of Administrative Services
2 Warrior Way
Cincinnati, Ohio 45227

This RFQ sets forth the intent of the Owner as to the procedure and criteria through which a firm will be selected, but is not to be construed as setting forth specific terms of a contract between the firm and Owner.  Except as required by law, the Owner reserves the right in its sole discretion, to modify this procedure and criteria.

The Owner, through its duly authorized officials, reserves the right to reject any, part of, or all statements and to waive any formality pertaining to any statement, without the imposition of any form of liability.  The companies whose statements are not accepted will be notified after a binding agreement between the successful firm and the Owner is executed, or upon the Owner’s rejection of all statements. 

Responding firms shall be ranked in accordance with the criteria herein and the highest ranked firm shall enter into negotiations for a contract with the Owner.  The Owner shall use the ranking sheet attached hereto as Exhibit A.

Statements will be evaluated based on your responses to the questions listed below and the following criteria: public school (K-12) design experience, comprehensive service capacity, demonstrated design capability and history of service, past performance of the firm as reflected by the evaluations of previous clients with respect to such factors as control of costs, quality of work, and meeting of deadlines. Please provide answers to the following questions on a separate typed sheet. Responses should be concise and to the point, but should include the information necessary to communicate the information you desire.  Additional promotional materials will not be considered and should not be included with any statement submitted for this Project.

1.    Name of Firm:
Telephone No.
Fax No.
Business Structure:
Contact Person:

Do you have more than one office?  If so, which office will be assigned to work with our project?

2.    How many years has the firm been doing business?

3.    How many full-time staff members are employed by your firm?  List by discipline and show their years of experience both in the field and with your firm.

4.    Provide a brief history of the firm related to primary and secondary (K-12) school planning and design work.  Include dollar volume of new construction, renovation and addition projects for all public-school projects in past 5 years.  

5.    Please provide examples of the Ohio public elementary and secondary building projects you have designed in the past 5 years.  Include project name and location, scope, size, construction cost, key features if applicable, contact name and phone number.

6.    Please list the Ohio public school renovation and addition projects you have completed in the past 5 years.  Include the project name, location, scope and size.  Also include a school district contact name and phone number for each project.

7.    What is your previous experience working with the Mariemont City School District?

8.    What will your firm show us along the way to explain the project?  Models?  Drawings?  Sketches?

9.    Provide an explanation of how construction administration is handled by your firm, specifically personnel, frequency of on-site visits, etc.

10.    What is your cost estimating methodology and approach?

11.    What is your firm’s track record with cost estimating?  List your three most recently bid public school projects that would demonstrate your estimating capability.  Explain any variations.

12.    Specify your experience and services relative to pre-bond issue activities.  List by name, address and contact person the districts you have assisted with these activities.

13.    Relative to your ability to maintain relationships with your clients, please provide a list of the public school systems you are currently working for that you have worked with for at least 5 years.  Include the length of the relationship, the number of projects you have completed for each client, a contact person and phone number.

14.    What is your experience with integration of educational technology into existing buildings including but not limited to blended and online learning?

15.    How do you integrate safety and surveillance considerations in the design and planning process?

16.    What sets your firm apart from other architects with public school experience?

17.    Does your firm have any open litigation pending against it at this time?  How many suits have been filed against your firm in the past five years?