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Media & Online Engagement in a meeting

Media & Online Engagement

Strong community involvement, commitment and engagement have long defined the work of the Mariemont City School District. And this has never been truer and more important than it is today.

Understanding the Need: Vol. 8: March 2018

Superintendent Steven Estepp wraps up the 8-part Understanding the Need video series. The series was intended to give a more in-depth look at the challenges of Mariemont High School and how they impact the the teaching and learning in the building.

Understanding the Need: Vol. 7: March 2018

Mariemont High School English teacher Luke Wiseman explains the challenges of the current MHS building and how a renovation could positively impact the teaching and learning.

Online School Chat: March 2018

Superintendent Steven Estepp and Treasurer/CFO Tom Golinar hosted an online school chat on March 8, 2018. Questions were submitted via text and email while updates on the Mariemont High School Master Facility Plan were presented.

Understanding the Need: Vol. 6: March 2018

Mariemont High School cannot hold AP Chemistry classes because the facility is not equipped for the experiments the class entails. Hear from principal Dr. Jim Renner, chemistry teacher Ed Kuhn, and AP Chemistry student Abby on the needs of the MHS science department.

Understanding the Need: Vol. 5: February 2018

Community member and Mariemont parent Glen McClung offers his unique take on the Mariemont High School Master Facility Plan and how action now will only improve the quality of education for our students.

Understanding the Need: Vol. 4: February 2018

Hear the dollars and cents perspective on the Mariemont High School Master Facility Plan from Mariemont City Schools Treasurer and CFO Tom Golinar.

Understanding the Need: Vol. 3: February 2018

Current Mariemont High School students discuss the challenges they face every day and how they impact their educational experience.

CommectME Blog: Community Process Continues in High School Facility Project: February 2018

Since the Mariemont High School Master Facility Plan process was announced nearly two years ago, community involvement has been a key focus. As I have shared in my blogs, podcasts and videos, the needs at Mariemont High School are many and will only continue to compound if we don’t take action now. 

Understanding the Need: Vol. 2: February 2018

High School social studies teacher Erik Vanags discusses the challenges we're facing at Mariemont High School and the obstacles they present in maintaining excellence for our students and staff.

ConnectME Podcast: MHS Facility Unable to Meet Needs of Students and Teachers: January 2018

Superintendent Steven Estepp gives an update on the Mariemont High School Facility project, including the selected option and the next steps in the process. We talk to Board of Education President Nan Dill and lead architect Bill Baker to discuss pricing, design and the continued importance of community involvement.

Understanding the Need: Vol. 1: January 2018

Introducing Understanding the Need - a video series about the challenges we face at Mariemont High School. Over the next few weeks you'll hear from students, staff, parents and community members regarding how the MHS Facility Project impacts them and our community.

ConnectME Blog: Mariemont High School's Learning Environment Needs: January 2018

If you’ve ever seen an episode of The Brady Bunch or Happy Days, you’ll know a lot has changed in the last 50 or so years. Transportation, communication, technology and entertainment have all grown leaps and bounds since the 1970’s. Education also has changed, although you wouldn’t know that if you took a walk around Mariemont High School – a building constructed back in 1970.

Mariemont High School Virtual Tour: January 2018

Over the last year and a half, the Mariemont City School district has undergone an extensive evaluation process to better understand the serious needs of our current high school facility and work towards the creation of a High School Master Facility Plan. Community members, district representatives, architects and industry leaders have been working together to better understand the significant mechanical and structural needs at the high school. We have also given special attention to how our current high school impacts the education our students receive now and into the future. We know there is no zero-cost option and that a plan needs to be put in place soon so we can maximize the investment in our school and maintain excellence in our classrooms. Join district superintendent Steven Estepp and high school principal Jim Renner for an inside look at the high school facility and the challenges it presents our students and staff by watching the video tour.

Board of Education Hears Final Presentations: December 2017

As part of the 18-month community process to consider a master facility plan for Mariemont High School, members of the Community Steering Committee and Transition Task Force presented their latest findings to the Mariemont City Schools Board of Education on Monday, Dec. 11, at the monthly board meeting. The presentations focused on specific objectives and priorities related to the three general solutions that the board may consider for action in 2018. Board members will take this information into consideration as they prepare to decide on the next steps in the High School Master Facility Plan in the spring of 2018. You can see the presentations presented by the Steering Committee and Transition Task Force here.

Community Forum: November 2017

The district hosted a community forum in November, 2017, to update community members on the High School Facility Master Plan process. You can watch Superintendent Estepp's full presentation here. Additionally, community members were encouraged to submit questions before, during and after the forum. Some questions were answered live during the forum, but all have been answered and published in this Community Forum Questions and Answers document.

Mariemont High School Facility Needs are Real: November 2017

Superintendent Steven Estepp explains the needs at the Mariemont High School facility and discusses its deteriorating condition.

Community Facility Teams: Fall 2017

Over 100 staff, parents and community members participated in a series of facility teams throughout the fall of 2017 to research the wants, needs and priorities of Mariemont High School as part of the project's Solutions Phase. Six teams took an in-depth look at (1) design/architecture (2) academic spaces (3) technology (4) arts (5) athletics and (6) finance to help determine which solution made the most sense for our community. Additionally, a Transition Task Force looked at possible solutions for the transition of students should that be necessary during any solution. It was comprised of a small group of parents, staff and students likely to be impacted by this work.

Virtual Design Workshop III: April 2017

Design Workshop III built upon and incorporated the feedback we received from the first two workshops. Everyone was invited to join us to participate in the Mariemont High School Design Workshops, where we discussed possible solutions for the challenges we know we face with our high school facility. Each workshop was different and this final design workshop built upon the feedback we received during the first two workshops. We also invited everyone to participate in a virtual Design Workshop if they were not able to attend the workshop on April 24.

ConnectME Podcast: April 2017

Work continues on our process to develop a master facility plan for Mariemont High School, and as part of our commitment to keep all of our stakeholders informed, this podcast focuses on this work – and where we are in the process thanks to the input, feedback and suggestions of so many people in our community.

Virtual Design Workshop II: April 2017

As the second of three design workshops, we built upon and incorporated the feedback we received from the first workshop at Design Workshop II. We also invited everyone to participate in a virtual Design Workshop if they were not able to attend the workshop on April 12.

Space Matters: April 2017

Superintendent Estepp hosts this informative presentation, explaining how and why space matters. "...At the center of this conversation, we can’t ignore that, yes, space does matter!"

Virtual Design Workshop I: March 2017

As the first of three design workshops, all district community members and employees were invited to participate on March 20. With input from our steering committee – which consists of more than 20 community members – our design architectural firm, MSA Architects, created a set of initial options to review and discuss. We also invited everyone to participate in a virtual Design Workshop if they were not able to attend the workshop on March 20.

Virtual Chat: February 2017

If you were unable to attend one of the in-home chats in February, Superintendent Estepp hosted a virtual chat on February 15. Listen now!

ConnectME Podcast: January 2017

In this episode, we dig into the conversations and work that has been going on with our high school facility.