About our Team

Mariemont Football has a long and strong history. Since MHS got started in 1949, we have had seven head coaches: Doc Kusel ’49-’54, Jack Orrison ’55-’62, Larry Lyons ’63-’75, Lou Flores ’76, Steve Rasso ’77, Tom Crosby ’78-’98, John Parker ’99-’01, Tom Crosby ’02-'12 and Kurry Commins, '12-present. Since Ohio State playoffs began, the Warriors have made it 11 times, making it to the State Finals in ’80 and ’95. We have won several EHL championships and three CHL championships.  The Warriors have also been voted small school City Champions 5 times, twice ranked 2nd in the State and 1st in the State once.  Several players have gone on to play College Football at all levels across the country and a few have made it to the NFL.

Friday nights at Kusel Stadium are something special… a real taste of “Small Town America” with the stands filled with students and community members of all ages,  little ones running around with their faces painted in their  brother’s or Dad’s old jersey, the band playing and cheerleaders cheering on the team dressed in blue and gold. Next door rivals  compete with intensity but offer  a friendly hand shake after a hard fought game with the team closing the night with a hearty “Warrior” cheer in the locker room.

Teaching our young men the great game of Football and all that goes with it : commitment, sportsmanship, effort, teamwork ,  confidence … is always challenging but also a great deal of fun! We are truly fortunate to have great kids in Mariemont with supportive parents in an amazing school district. We constantly strive to be true to our school motto “SCHOLARS OF TODAY, LEADERS OF TOMORROW.”