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2013 Mariemont Boys Junior High Soccer Tryout Information

First off, I want to welcome all of you to the 2013 season. This next week will be used to assess your skills and eventually determine your placement on the 2013 team. I will say upfront that there are more people trying out than there are spots on the team, so cuts will have to be made. I will go over the cut process with each student-athlete during the week. But I will voice the sentiment now that the final decision is mine, and mine alone.

The schedule for the tryouts is the following:

  • Monday 8/5/13 - 3:00-5:00 pm
  • Tuesday 8/6/13 - 3:00-5:00 pm
  • Wednesday 8/7/13 - 3:00-5:00 pm
  • Thursday 8/8/13 - 3:00-5:00 pm
  • Friday 8/9/13 - 3:00-5:00 pm

I will reiterate what I stated in the email I sent out last week. The tryout session times are chosen to best simulate actual practices and games during the regular season. As such, they are during the hottest times of the day. Proper hydration will be vital in your success during this week. The forecast is for the mid to upper 80s all week with a slight to moderate chance of rain and thunderstorms throughout. We WILL practice in rain. If it is storming I will assess the best course of action and the training time will either have to be moved indoors, postponed or cancelled. Always assume a practice (these tryouts) is still happening unless you hear otherwise from me.

Attendance Policy

Participation in every day of tryouts is not mandatory, but since I am seeing all of you play for the first time, the best chance you have of convincing me you deserve to be on the team is to maximize your exposure to me. Simply put, the more I get to see you play, the more time you have to impress me. I understand that some of you may not be sure of which sport you want to play and will be trying out for multiple. That is perfectly acceptable. Likewise, if soccer is not your main sport but you still want to tryout, that is fine. Stay in communication with me to let me know what your plans are and everything will be coordinated properly.

If you are going to attend a tryout session you must be ready to step onto the pitch when the session is scheduled to start. This policy will remain in effect during the regular season for practices and it will be enforced. If extenuating circumstances prohibit you from being able to do this, you need to let me know before you arrive for the session, and as early as possible. This is a simple procedure that allows me to gauge who is not only ready to give maximum effort, but also who wants to be at the sessions. I will never force you to come to a tryout session or practice, that decision is yours.

Being ready for a session means being ready to play at any moment. This means having proper equipment on, being stretched and warmed up and ready for instruction. I will look to my returning 8th graders to lead the initial stretching and warm-up and I will adjust them if needed. No player is to take any shots on goal or practice long passes before being properly stretched. This is one of the easiest ways to pull a muscle or otherwise injure yourself. Short passing and jogging is always allowed and is encouraged as a means of warming up. The warmup and cooldown period is mandatory for all players.

If this means you have to arrive at 2:30 to be ready to begin the session at 3:00, then arrive at 2:30. Typically I have had teams that give themselves 30 minutes to warmup and it has worked well. If you (the team) decide you need more or less time you can change your arrival time accordingly. No matter when you arrive the session will begin at 3:00 pm. If you are not stretched and warmed up you will be considered late for the session/practice.

Additionally, the sessions will end when they are scheduled to do so. That means by 5:00 pm you will have been properly cooled-down and any/all equipment will have been collected and put away. Also, this means that every second on the pitch is a valuable commodity and needs to be treated with respect. Time wasting or laziness will not be tolerated and is not acceptable. You are here to prove to me that you want a spot in the soccer program. I am in constant communication with the high school coaching staff and this sentiment is shared with all of us. If you don’t waste our time, I/we won’t waste yours.

What You Need To Do

Your best road to success might seem surprisingly simple:

  • Hydration, hydration, hydration! You need to be drinking water all day. It is vital that you come to these sessions prehydrated. If you wait until you get to the field to start drinking water you will have a terrible time this week. Likewise, you need to continue to rehydrate after the sessions are over to give your body/muscles the best chance of healing/reparing itself. No more sodas, no more sugary juices. Water and sports drinks need to become your best friends. Finally, you need to provide water for yourselves for the sessions.
  • Be aware of your body. If at any moment you “do not feel right” or are dizzy, have headaches, etc. DO NOT continue exercising! This is your body telling you something is wrong. I will always be looking for signs of dehydration, heat exhaustion, heat stroke and other potential issues. However, your communication with me is equally important in this matter. Your safety ALWAYS comes first!
  • Bring the right attitude. My job is to best prepare you to play varsity soccer. It does not matter if you will play at Mariemont. That is my number one priority this year. All of the coaches in the program agree that the high school soccer program actually starts at the junior high level. You need to come to every session with the mindset that you will do everything you can to increase your chances of achieving this goal.
  • Ask questions. There may be a moment during the session when you don’t understand something or you need me to explain it again or in a different way. Please, please, please ask a question if you are confused about anything I am instructing you. I will never hold a question against you and you would be surprised how many of your teammates will be happy that you asked the same question they wanted to ask.
  • Bring all necessary equipment. This is simple. If you do not come to these sessions with the proper equipment then you will not participate in these sessions. If for any reason you do not have access to all the equipment needed, talk to me immediately so we can figure out a solution.
  • Have fun! I put this last on the list for a reason. To make sure you read the whole thing! If you are not having fun I need to talk to you to figure out how to fix any issues causing those feelings. Do not get me wrong, these sessions will be challenging and demanding. This week is designed to test you both physically and mentally. If you ever need advice on how to deal with these tests I am always happy to talk.

Coach Hendricks