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The Arts in Mariemont City Schools

Mariemont City School District recognizes the value of a broad education and the well rounded student. To that end we embrace challenging academics, a range of extracurricular activities, a robust athletic program, and an outstanding array of visual and performing arts.

Mariemont City School District offers fine arts programming in visual arts, strings, band, voice and theater, beginning in elementary school and progressing through graduation. At each level programming builds on foundations fostered in earlier school years, challenging students to explore their creativity and hone skills.

Our arts programming plays a key role in our mission to develop Scholars of Today and Leaders of Tomorrow.


Name Contact
  • Mariemont Elementary Art Teacher, Arts
(513) 831-9313
  • Orchestra Director, Arts
  • Mariemont Elementary Art Teacher, Arts
(513) 272-7708
  • District Choral Director, Arts
(513) 272-7811
  • Mariemont Elementary Music Teacher, Arts
(513) 272-7454
  • MHS Visual Arts Teacher, Arts
(513) 272-7662
  • Elementary School Art Teacher, Arts
(513) 272-7722
  • Digital Video Teacher, Arts
(513) 272-7667
  • MAA President, Arts
(513) 831-1833
  • Co-Vice President, Arts
  • MAA Co-Vice President, Arts
  • MAA Co-Vice President, Arts
  • Band Director, Arts