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Technology FAQs

Q: What software do I need loaded to the machine?
A. Nohing – you just need Internet access. Everything else will be available through our virtual desktop feature. Students can use our virtual desktop from school or home to access Windows Office Suite as long as they have an Internet connection.

Q: What if I can’t afford my own device?
A: You may pay a school fee in order to use a school device during the day. If you cannot afford school fees you may contact the building principal to make individual arrangements.

Q: What about Internet safety?
A: The district employs robust Internet filters and staff monitors use of the Internet during the school day within their classrooms.

Q: What is VDI and how do I get it?
A: Virtual desktop infrastructure, sometimes referred to as virtual desktop interface (VDI) is the server computing model enabling desktop virtualization, encompassing the hardware and software systems required to support the virtualized environment. Simpler terms? It's a program that allows you to access your desktop from anywhere. If you have a laptop, it is a program that you download, if you have an iPad, it is an app. The district will be sending out information to guide parents on how to download the VDI program or app. For more information about VDI, visit the Citrix Virtual Desktop page via the link to the left. 

Q: Does my computer need Flash compatibility?
A: Students can log into our virtual desktop interface (VDI) with any approved device and access all applications, including Adobe and Flash-based applications, that work on our network.  Students will be trained on how to install and use the virtual desktop during the first days of school.

Q: Is my student going to be on the iPad or laptop all of the time?
A: The computer is simply a tool we'll be using in conjunction with other educational assets, such as textbooks, group discussion and classroom materials. All of this will supplement the teachers' classroom instructions and guidance.

Q: Do I need a special case or backpack?
A: This is an individual decision, but security of these machines is very important.  Many backpacks are built with extra padding for laptop protection.  A case for an iPad is a necessity, simply to protect the screen, which is exposed on the iPad and other tablets.

Q: Does my charger need to come to school with me?
A: Yes.  Students will be expected to have a charged device available all day.  If they bring their own machines to school, they should prepare to keep a charger with them also.  You may also want to consider purchasing a second charger to keep at school, but this is a device-by-device and personal decision.

Q: I’m worried my computer will get stolen. How is the school going to help me keep my computer safe?
A: Each principal will communicate building-specific safety and security plans in parent meetings and/or parent e-mail communication.  Computer safety will also be reviewed with students during the first days of school.

Q: How will you monitor the success of the program moving forward?
A: We will use a variety of feedback methods, including, but not limited to, parent/teacher/student surveys, ERB, WrAP, and classroom assessments and projects

Q: When and how do I pay the fee?
A: Technology fees will be collected at the same time and in the same manner as school fees are collected – in October for grades K-8 and in January for high school.

Q: If I am paying school fees for the laptop, can my child take it home?
A: The school fees do not cover the full cost of the technology. In order to maximize the useful life of the technology, the school will require that the technology remain at school.

Q: What if we don’t have Internet access at home, or if I only have one computer but multiple students at home?
A: For students who do not have Internet access or a computer at home, the school will make times available before and after school for student use.  Please contact your child’s building principal if this applies to you.
Remember, each child needs a computer to use during school hours, whether it's rented or bought.

Q: What if a child breaks or damages a school machine?
A: Students will be assessed the cost of repairs for intentional damage.

Q: Does the school have loaner computers, in case mine breaks and is in the shop or in case I forget mine one day?
A: Yes, we will have a number of possible loaner computers for use during the school day, but these are only for temporary situations.

Q: Where can I find information about the technology requirements prior to purchasing a machine, to ensure it’s compatible with the school’s specifications?
A:  This information is readily available on the One-to-One Technology Requirements section to the left.

Q: Is a 13" screen too small?
A: We would suggest getting a laptop with a screen that is 13" or larger. Anything smaller might not be compatible with some programs and functionalities.

Q: What is everyone else doing?
A: People are making decisions based on what is best for their families. Some people are buying for each one of their children, some people are doing a bit of both and some people are renting school computers for each one of their children. There is no right answer. We have computers to rent, so do not feel pressured to buy a computer if you feel this decision is not right for you or your child.