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Faces of our Schools

Meet some of the community members who support and inspire our district, staff and students.

Beth Finke

"We moved to Mariemont because of the excellent schools and the small-town community that reminded us of our hometowns. The commitment from the community to ensure high quality education is unparalleled and I am excited to be a part of the facility planning project today to continue excellence in the future."

Susan Fraley

“The task force was an great group to be a part of. It was a diverse group, representative of many facets of our school - academics, intervention programming, arts and athletics. It was an engaged group that truly was committed to a vision of a better learning environment for our secondary students. I look forward to hopefully being a part of this process going forward. It is an exciting time for our community and especially our students."

Todd Pease

“How our schools spend their precious resources is important to me as a parent and a taxpayer. As a finance committee member, I was excited to learn that nearly 70 percent of the district’s budget is spent on classroom instruction where it can do the most good.”

Mark Glassmeyer

“The schools are our most valuable asset. They are the cornerstone of our community, and the first thing many of us point to when asked why we live where we live.”

Jeri Gatch

"As a parent, artist and educator, I support our district as we strive to nurture students to become well-rounded adults, people who are compassionate, creative, curious, open-minded and hard working. I am a firm believer in public schools and public schools take everyone pitching in with their gifts to create a unique experience which results in a community we are proud of, passionate about and happy to call home.”

Walt Dewees

“As a Terrace Park resident and parent of three children in the school district, I appreciate how our strong public school and well-educated students make our community a better place to live, work, and play. I also appreciate how family and community engagement is a vital part of a truly successful school.”

Matt Haskamp

"The dedication, commitment and forward thinking of Mariemont Schools is providing our children every advantage of the 21st Century. However, the assessment of our High School facility has revealed that we are not on a level playing field. I am an educator myself and very passionate about what the future holds for our students. We have all of the intangibles in Mariemont; a great supportive community, the best teachers and the most supportive administration. We need to provide our students the resources that will level the playing field, when that happens, and our facility is ready for the future of education, our students will thrive in the global market."

Hilary Mahadevan

“I am so thankful for the opportunity to get to help at school.”

Emily Soller

"As a parent, coach and pharmacist, I choose to support the Mariemont School District because Mariemont is the total package. That is why it is so important for the community to get behind the current MHS facilities project. We must sustain our excellence as a school district and community. Mariemont Schools is a place that kids can experience advanced learning and academics, this is shown yearly on state and national standardized tests. Mariemont Schools are also the right size where kids are able to be a part of the athletic programs while still sustaining their passion for art and music. All three of our girls participate in both athletics and arts at three different schools."

Paola Biro

"I believe volunteering allows one the opportunity to build the community and world we want our children to live in. Volunteering at school builds a solid foundation for a positive and nurturing educational environment, which I believe is the best breeding ground we can afford the leaders of tomorrow."

Molly Steele

"I support the Mariemont school district with my money, my time, and my heart because creating a learning environment which fosters creative thinking, problem solving, and leadership in our children is the most important responsibility we all have."

David Haynes

"Since my wife Tracey, our daughter Ellie and I moved to Mariemont almost three years ago, the Mariemont school district has exceeded our expectations – in terms of teacher quality and involvement, opportunities for personal growth, and fostering a great climate for learning. I fully support the school district and all efforts to continue the legacy of excellence into the future."

Tracy Naticchioni

“As a second generation alumni myself, I chose Mariemont schools for my kids due to the top notch education, innovative technology, small class sizes and the close knit communities. There is something to spark everyone’s interest whether it’s athletics, the arts or academic clubs.”