Searching for Leadership


I have been a resident of the Mariemont City School District for the past 25 years and am proud to say that I have three wonderful children who have graduated from our schools.

We are at a time of change, and we are now looking for a new leader. We’re seeking a frontrunner that can bring the educational expertise we need to continue our strong academic vision as well as bring to us strategies and programs that will meet the current and future educational needs of our students. Our district’s motto of “Scholars of Today, Leaders of Tomorrow” guides much of what we do in Mariemont.

Ours is a school district that brings four distinct communities together; it’s a glue that binds our communities together.  And our community has always been there when we have asked for support – we have active school-supporting organizations that put a great deal of energy into our schools, with many volunteers willing to put in the time, talent and energy it takes to support such an active school. We are forever grateful for this.

We need a superintendent who is willing to engage with our community…talk with our community, listen to our community and be a part of our community.  We are fortunate to have that strong link between schools and our four communities, and we want someone that understands how important that is to all of us.

On behalf of my fellow Board members, we thank our community for supporting us through this process, and we look forward to seeing what the future will bring. Please visit the section entitled For the Community for more information about this process and your involvement.

We also thank all of those that apply; for more information about the application process please click here. In respect for you, our students and staff, and our community, we, as your Board members, promise to work smartly and collaboratively to select the next leader of Mariemont City Schools.


Peggy S. Braun
Mariemont City Schools' Board of Education